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We are an experienced & leading service provider for car tinting in Dubai.

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Our professionals apply modern techniques to tint the windows of your car.

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We offer the best prices for window tinting & car repair services in the UAE.

Avail Professional Car Window Tinting All Over The UAE

Auto Garage is one of the best in business, offering Car Window tinting services at the incredibly low price range. If you are looking for the best car tinting near me, Auto Garage will fulfill your requirements. We help you profoundly transform the look of your vehicle with our services.

Our expert workers will tint your vehicle’s windows professionally. These technicians take care of minor details like scratches, marks, etc. We offer services that exhibit unique and amazing features, such as

  • We are available 24/7 for your service.
  • Our services offer a wide range of repair options.
  • Auto Garage has professionals to look for amazing details.
  • Our services are inexpensive and fast.
  • We provide quality services to satisfy customers.

Assure Your Privacy With Our Best 3M Car Tinting in Dubai

We provide the best tint films to our customers, so they don’t need to replace them repeatedly. Our 3M car tinting provides complete privacy to your interior and makes the car windows dark according to the legal tint limit.

Furthermore, car glass tinting films installed by us protect the car interior and upholstery from fading due to UV rays coming from the sun.

Heat Protection

Our window tint films offer heat protection by blocking UV rays.

Fast & Low-Cost Services

Our car tinting services are quick and inexpensive.

Our Recent Projects

What are the Benefits of Tinting Your Vehicle Windows?

Nowadays, people have become more demanding of car window tinting. It is because of the exceptional and stupefying benefits offered by window tints. Besides the functional regularities, window shades also enhance the appearance of your vehicle. If you want to add charm and increase the value of your vehicle, have window shades applied to your automobile or contact Auto Garage.

Some astounding benefits of having window shades include protection from harmful UV rays, solar heat rejection, shattered glass protection, providing privacy and security, keeping the car upholstery from fading, etc. These are all the functional benefits of having your car windows tinted. However, shades also give the car a sharper look and improve the overall style of your car’s exterior.

We Promise You To Give Best Repair Services

Auto Garage Provides Versatile Vehicle Services

Types of Our Window Tint Services

You can choose from a variety of our services for car window tinting. We at Auto Garage Dubai offer many types of car window tint options. Each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks.

1. Window Dye Tinting

They have several layers of dyed films to absorb sunlight and are adjustable to the level of visibility you require.

2. Metalized Tints

They contain metal microparticles to reflect the sunlight and keep the interior cool.

3. Hybrid Window Tints

We use a mixture of dyes and metal particles to impart the functional benefits of metalized and dyed window tinting.

4. Carbon Tinting

These comprise carbon fiber particles to insulate the interior and will not fade.

5. Ceramic Fiber Tinting

It has the efficiency to block 99% of UV rays and is the most effective of all these options. It has the efficiency to block 99% of UV rays and is the most effective of all these options.

We Assure You To Give Best Auto Glass Services

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Nicest Words From Customers

The best window tinting experience I’ve ever had I’ve noticed a great difference in my car’s temperature and have more privacy. For affordable and high-quality services, visit Auto Garage.

Frank Abagnail

My friend recommended visiting Auto Garage to repair my car. They transformed my car’s interior and improved its performance within no time and at a low expense.

Martin Dow

Choose Auto Garage For Best Car Tinting Dubai Service

Auto Garage is a leading and trustworthy brand in Dubai that offers many repair and window tinting services for your automobile. We can solve all vehicle problems and help you with vehicle maintenance and performance. Our experienced auto body technicians help you look after your vehicle. We take care of your vehicle’s performance, maintenance, and appearance.

Our company offers different services, including car window tinting, car upholstery & detailing, paint protection film, car wrapping, ceramic coating, and many more. We offer services that are fast, inexpensive, reliable, and efficient. To sum up, Auto Garage is the ultimate solution for all auto repair needs.

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