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Auto Garage is renowned for providing trusted car glass repair services for any auto brand in Dubai. Our car glass repair services include all side of window glass replacement and repairs.


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When Do You Need Our Windscreen Replacement Service

A windscreen is an important element of your car. It serves many protective functions to save the occupants of the car. It should be replaced if damaged at the proper time. The damage inflicted on the front glass can be a crack, chipping, or glass break. The extent of damage decides the replacement or repair of the windscreen.

A car Windshield repair service should be precise and fit the space best. Choose Auto Garage for professional front car glass replacement services. We have expert technicians and highly trained workers that are available round the clock for your windscreen replacement service.

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We Offer The Advanced Technology For Auto Glass Repair

Our front glass for cars comprises laminated glass or safety glass. It comprises an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that is sandwiched between two panes of glass. These layers are bonded together chemically and fuse to form a single safety glass panel. We offer these PVB-manufactured car windshield Dubai services for your safety and protection while driving.

The PVB layer helps prevent the shattering of the windshield like an ordinary glass panel and renders it durable and flexible. This structural composition allows the car’s front glass to provide more protection to its passengers from dust, dirt, rain, stones, accidents, etc. Prefer Auto Garage for buying a windshield for the safety and protection of your loved ones.


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A windscreen can get chipped for many reasons. In such conditions, you don’t need to replace your front glass; rather, opt for the repair services. Windshield repair is inexpensive and economical as compared to a windscreen replacement. Auto Garage provides expert Car Windshield Dubai repair services at affordable prices.

We offer our services for scratch repair, border break repair, chipped glass repair, and many more. Our professionals use different methods for windscreen repair, such as front glass resin, glass repair, etc. They can also recommend an easy repair with a patch method, depending upon the extent of damage to the windshield.

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Benefits of Our Car Glass Repair Service in Dubai

The front glass, or windscreen, serves multiple functions and proves to be very beneficial for the passengers. Some benefits of a having windscreen repair service in Dubai are

  • A repaired windscreen provides the driver with an unobstructed view of the road ahead to avoid any potential driving hazards.
  • It protects the interior and passengers of the car from dust, fast winds, stones, rain, and other elements encountered while driving.
  • A repaired windshield provides structural strength to the car’s roof and prevents it from collapsing on you and your loved ones.
  • A fixed front glass adds to the aesthetics of your car and makes it beautiful.
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Why Choose Auto Garage for Windshield Repair Service in Dubai?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for windshield services. Some of these striking reasons are described below.

  • Auto Garage is a popular and well-reputed brand in the UAE.
  • We provide solutions to many front glass problems.
  • Our company offers a versatile range of windscreen services.
  • We offer Car Windshield Dubai repair and replacement at affordable prices.
  •  Enjoy the best quality and expert professional services with us.


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