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Experience unparalleled excellence with our car gearbox repair service in Dubai. We are happy to deliver the best-in-class solutions for your transmission needs.

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We Offer The Best Car Transmission Repair Service in Dubai

Auto Garage is well-known for providing the best gearbox repair solutions for every car make and model in Dubai. Our team of skilled technicians uses advanced tools to diagnose gearbox problems. From fluid replacements and filter inspections to electronic system diagnostics and clutch assessments, we ensure a comprehensive approach.

We prioritize benefiting our clients. That is why we tell the issues clearly and offer reasonable pricing. Our experts conduct road tests to guarantee optimal performance. So if you want to get the best performance from your car, then no one other than us should be your ultimate partner for car gearbox repair in Dubai.

Offerings Included In Our Car Gearbox Repair Service

Being the leading car mechanic in Dubai, we offer a lot of offerings. included in our car gearbox repair service. These services are:

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Diagnostic Assessment

We inspect the gear box thoroughly to track the root cause of the issue. Then our experts after diagnosing the issue properly determine the extent of repairs needed to make your car’s gearbox functional again.

Fluid Level Check

We check the level of fluid in your transmission box. Besides, our experts also assess the quality of transmission oil present in the gearbox of your vehicle. If it requires to be replaced then we replace this fluid as well.

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Transmission Fluid Replacement

We are experts in servicing car gearbox repair in Dubai for all car brands. From luxury sports cars to routine cars, we offer transmission fluid replacement service too. according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, we replace the transmission fluid of your vehicle.

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Electronic System Diagnostic

Then our expert electricians also run a diagnostic program to clear all the check lights and computer errors in your car. These check lights may appear due to a faulty transmission system in your vehicle.

Clutch System Inspection

After the successful repair of your car’s gearbox, our professionals also inspect the clutch system of your vehicle. It is necessary for the optimal performance of your car. If you feel that we need to replace anything in the clutch we will.

Bushings and Bearings Inspection

We also inspect for wear in the bushings and bearings. These give support to the proper transmission of gears. If we observe anything abnormal we aim to replace these worn out bushings and bearings.

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Indicators To Get Car Gearbox Repair Service From Us

There are a lot of signs showing the need for car gearbox repair services in Dubai. Here the reason is that we do not pay attention to these factors and ignore the things that summon us about the failure of the car gearbox. Here we have brought you a list of things that indicate your car’s gearbox needs a quick repair or replacement. So let us have a look at these indicators one by one.

  • You may hear strange noises coming from your car.
  • You may face difficulty while shifting the gears.
  • The transmission fluid may get leaked.
  • Sometimes you may see warning lights on the speedometer.
  • You may feel vibrations or jerking while shifting gears.
  • Your car may have poor fuel efficiency.

Our Mobile Car Gearbox Repair Service Encompasses Every Area in Dubai

Our motto is to deliver quality mobile car gearbox repair services to all our clients in the whole United Arab Emirates. So we target the entire country and make ourselves available for you at any place. No matter where you are, if you are stranded on the road because of any car-related issues, only give us a call. Our experts will reach out to your location.

Including Dubai and all the states of the UAE, you can hire us at any place. Our mobile service is active 24/7 to offer you the best car gearbox repair in Dubai anytime and anywhere. We have an equipped van so that we can be at your location and get you back on the road in no time.

We Recommend This To Get The Best Car Gearbox Performance

1. After car gearbox repair in Dubai, you should drive the car gently for some initial miles. Avoid harsh or speedy driving.

2. Check the fluid level of your gearbox regularly. Also check for any leakages, if any then get them fixed as soon as possible.

3. Always observe a scheduled maintenance routine to get the best performance. Book an appointment with our experts for this.

4. You should avoid overloading. Because such an approach will put a burden on the repaired gearbox of your vehicle making it faulty again.

5. Do not shift the gears harshly. Observe a smooth gear-shifting process to get optimal performance for your car.

6. If you have a manual car then avoid resting your foot on the clutch pedal. Ensure that you can use your clutch smoothly.

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Why Choose Us For Gearbox Repair in Dubai?

Our company is the most authentic and trusted car repair service-providing company in the entire United Arab Emirates. The following are the major reasons that explain why people choose us for car gearbox repair in Dubai.

Round The Clock Availability

We are available at your service 24/7. You only have to book an appointment with us and we will be there to serve you.

Expert Technicians

Our company only has experienced mechanics. The technicians at our workshop are well-trained and they know how to diagnose and eliminate the issue.

Fair Rates

To offer maximum benefits to our clients, we keep the rates of our service very reasonable. We charge as little as we can.

Quality Products

During the process of your car gearbox repair in Dubai, we always try to use high-quality products. It is done to ensure a long time serviceability approach.


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